With thousands of diet pills and supplements available on the market both online and off, which diet pills really work?

How will you know your buying a diet pill that will work for you?  How will you know if it's safe?How to lose weight

The top diet pills will help you lose weight and get you over most weight loss hurdles. If you've decided that you need to lose weight and that a diet pill is needed to help you do so, then you must look carefully at what's available in the market to find one that's right for you and that isn't just hype.

Our goal here is to provide you with honest diet pill reviews. Our website is obviously pro diet pill. That being said diet pills are not the only options we offer you here, we have diet and nutrition advice, diet tips, articles, diet pill and program reviews and we will continually research and try new products and inform you of our findings.

We recommend diet pills to lose weight only if your body mass index (BMI) is over 27, and for those under a BMI of 27 to look at their lifestyle and see where they can make different choices to help them lose their extra weight. Those just needing to shed a few extra pounds will find our articles and tips very helpful, if you have a particular question ask it in our forums and you are sure to get a quick answer.

For those of you who need to shed 20 or more pounds, you should look at our diet pill reviews. We will always inform you of our current top picks, as well as other products just in case you don't feel our top pick is suited for you.